7th-17th JUNE

Midsummer, 2018. Vauxhall, London.
Rhythm Village will be a community festival of movement and creative celebration, set in St Peter's Church and other Vauxhall venues. You are invited to come and move - to dance, to enjoy music, food and art. To hang out, drink tea, meet new people. We will dance, we will probably laugh, we might cry and hopefully we will learn something about ourselves and what it means to be in a human body and in urban community. 

All Are Welcome!

bolney floor.jpg

The festival is a dancingTao production, connected with an Erasmus project on social inclusion that we've been leading. Our partners from Budapest, Rome and Berlin will join us - and we’re really happy to be bringing this new initiative to both the existing community of dancers, the local Vauxhall community and people who may not previously have been able to access conscious dance spaces. It's an experiment. We'll see what happens!

Early bird Festival wristbands are now available!