Ajay Rajani

5Rhythms teacher

Ajay Rajani is an accredited teacher of the 5Rhythms who trained with Jonathan Horan, son of Gabrielle Roth, in 2014. Ajay was born in Africa with Indian roots and grew up in London, England where he thrives in a diverse, multicultural community speaking five international languages. His spiritual journey began over a decade ago with a strong practice of seated meditation and this continues to inform his 5Rhythms teaching where he inspires embodying the moment and allowing your body to be your greatest teacher.


Amy Belle Birtles

Amy-Belle is a dancer, permaculturist, food grower trained with Organic Lea and Growing Communities and herbal medicine trainee at Hackney Herbal. In a deep exploration of the links between the body of the earth and the earthed body, she is committed to bringing this sense of nature and growing to our urban communities. She dreams of bringing together the transformative magic of the dance with gardening in a way that resonates and inspires the rich diversity of our London communities.


Betti Urmos

"I am Betti Urmos, from Hungary. I am a psychologist and spent all my working life in the charity sector working with disadvantaged children and young people.
Dance and music were part of my life as far as I can remember, partially maybe because I am coming from a Hungarian Roma musician family.
Dance was/is a vehicle for my emotions, my private shelter into my physical body and joy. Conscious movement came to my life in London, around 2009; that’s when I started 5 Rhytmys with Christian in Vauxhall.
I believe in change and I also believe that we all have to know our own stories to connect to others and to understand the world around us."

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Christa Cocciole

Christa (USA/Germany) fell in love with the 5 Rhythms about 30 years ago. Around the same time she began to weave her skills as a Dancer and Choreographer into her work as a Systemic Integrative Body Psychotherapist with a specialty in Trauma. She has worked in settings such as reconciliation projects during and after the Bosnian War, community cultural organisations, Universities as well as Conferences and International dance theatre companies. Currently she is working in an adult psychiatric clinic in Berlin as well as in her private Practice and teaching Embodiment internationally. She integrates her therapeutic and artistic experience and spiritual practice in an approach she coined “Radical Presence - moving with playful compassion”. She is delighted to be part of the All in Movement Berlin Team.


Christian de Sousa

5Rhythms and Movement Medicine teacher & curator/facilitator of the dancingTao project.

Christian has been dancing, DJing and exploring conscious movement practice for over 20 years. He is fascinated by the power of movement and music to inform and transform the ways we feel, live, and connect with what is important to us. 

Christian trained as a 5Rhythms teacher with Gabrielle Roth in 2004 and was one of the first ‘pathfinder’ teachers Movement Medicine to be accredited by Ya’Acov & Susannah Darling Khan in 2011.

His approach is also inspired and guided by his experiences as a NVDA activist, by Taoist teaching, various strands of shamanic practice and a current training in Processwork / Worldwork (with CFOR) 


Cyprian Londt

" I discovered 5 Rhythms about 10 years ago. I remember knowing it was for me in spite of my initial awkwardness. It has been my practice ever since. I began making altars for classes and workshops, which added a creative element to my dance. Then there was a request for a cook for a men’s workshop and the rest is history! My mum was a good cook and as a family we only ever ate homemade food. When I moved from South Africa to the UK we acquired an allotment; my sister and I now share 3 allotments in Dulwich and have been growing vegetables and soft fruit for the past 20 years. Having an abundance of fruit and vegetables inspired me develop an wide interest in cooking as I was brought not to waste anything. I am always on the look out to find ways to prepare, and preserve as much of our produce as possible. Bringing dance, art and cooking together in service of the community is akin to a spiritual practice for me."



Cyrill Chanterau

First French Certified Movement Medicine Teacher in 2015. He is teaching in France, London, Germany, Lithuania, Colombia His experience of holding space and healing has been developed through around 24 years of practice in different dancing and initiatic paths as well as 5Rhythms and Contact Dance Improvisation, Alchemy order, active LKS ( Lodge keeper society) member, since 5 years in training with Arhueco medicine in Colombia, and one of the Mankind Project‘s leaders, artist and coach. He dedicates his teaching to heal, through movement the relationship with we all have with Communities and Ancestors.


Indera Ajimal

Indera Ajimal often called Indi, is an osteopath following 20 years working as a London based nurse, midwife and health visitor. She has developed a committed belief to the health and wellbeing of all family members from pregnancy through to the elderly. Passionate about the ability of the human body’s capacity for healing and self-repair and her keenness is to support and educate the dance community of which she has been a part of for 10 years, to help prevent injuries.


Jane Belshaw

Jane Belshaw is a 5 Rhythms teacher and an Open Floor teacher and Mentor for teachers in training. She runs classes and courses in movement, art and mindfulness for her local community and for NHS workers. She is passionate about music and considers herself as much a movement practitioner as a facilitator.


Joy of Sound

Joy of Sound runs weekly year-round participatory music sessions, and regular combined arts projects. Award winning Joy of sound volunteers bring people together as co-creators to enjoy music and arts.Through these activities, we share the many personal, social, health and wellbeing benefits that inclusive society can bring.


Gabriella Boda

Gabriella has a degree in special education and speech therapy; studied astrology, business and family constellations, method-specific integrative hypnotherapy and psychopathology. Took courses in The Silva Method (mind control) in her youth (14-15ys), was in India to take a 21days intense course on meditation and oneness techniques at Oneness University in 2005. Took several courses and trainings related to HR and coaching.Gabriella has been dancing 5R on a weekly basis since 2012, was involved in organising international special teachers' gatherings and other international projects in other fields (speech therapy, HR, systemic constellations). Integration and inclusion are important parts and principles in her life.






Martin Arp

Martin has been apprentice and team member of Frank Natale 1990-96 and am a TranceDance presenter since 1991. I have been initiated into 5 Rhythms 1992 by Gabriele Roth, practising ever since. Deer Tribe Apprenticeship from 2002-2005. Berlin Sing and Drum Group. I am studying Movement Medicine since 2010 and am a Movement Medicine Apprentice Teacher since 2013. Also studied with Veeresh, Anthony Robbins and several other teachers.


Martina Maria Weinheimer

"I was born in in the heart of East –Berlin, former GDR, grew up and still live there, and I ́m a mum of a grown son.Before the Dance found me, I had different jobs, for example dressmaker, caretaker on a Theatre, Organizer in the Academy of Arts of the GDR, as waitress, as DJ...After the downfall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, I got in touch with spiritual work, for example Trancedance trainings and spiritual work with Frank Natale (USA), Schamanic Trainings in the team with “Soleluna“ in Italy and also Massage training ”Via Della Luna” with Shaida Cartella.Via my Trancedance -work I met the 5 Rhythms®in 1998 and immediatelyfell in love with them, in 2005 I got my 5 Rhythms®-Teacher –licence from Gabrielle Roth.I love to see peoples change on the dance floor as they find step by step to themself, the sparkle in their eyes after dancing.I love the uniqueness in every person in its movement and the connection that we at the same time all together have."


Matt Raynor

Matt Rayner has been a dancer ever since he can remember, a group facilitator for over 6 years, and is a Movement Medicine Apprentice Teacher trained with the School of Movement Medicine.Matts connection to ‘the dance’ really began as a teenager dancing in a production of West Side Story at the same time as exploring the rave and club scene of the early 90's London! Following a journey of personal and spiritual exploration over the last 20 years which has included nature and wilderness awareness; shamanism; mens groups; meditation; yoga; tantra; sound; energy healing and massage –movement and dance started re-emerging in the midst of this in 2005as a deep and powerful spiritual practice (as well as being lots of fun). He has danced and studied with Susannah and Ya'Acov Darling Khan at the School of Movement Medicine since 2013 and is currently a Movement Medicine Apprentice Teacher and Facilitator. He also offers spaces exploring intimacy, connection and sexuality in both co-gender and mens groups, as well as training in Psychosexual Somatics Therapy in 2013/14.“Life is a dance, we are the dancers, and the steps are ours to choose”

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Morag Donnelly

Artist & lifelines founder and facilitator


While studying for her fine art degree in Farnham, Morag met Meriel Gold (Hoare), a former pupil of Cecil Collins; ‘The Vision of the Fool’ and had the privilege to assist and collaborate with her in giving the life-drawing courses ‘drawnhome’ in the U.K and New York. This was the pivotal phase in her 20 years experience in the fields of movement, art and bodywork, that inspired the development of Lifelines. This approach combines art, movement and the senses to emphasises the importance of seeing and a deepening empathy, intimacy with ourself and life. Morag is a rare combination of both life model and teacher, giving her a unique vision and insight into the importance of the Muse as conduit. She enables and encourages others with her relaxed, tender, open manner and intuitive nature, creating a loving space of safety and freedom. She has been sharing the Lifelines workshops with 6th form schools for the last 4 years and travelling the UK and Europe giving weekends and longer courses, taking with her a fabulous team of models, unusual and intriguing drawing materials, live musicians and a great music set! 

Her background of study and exploration in movement and healing arts includes Reiki, shamanism, meditation, shiatsu and cranial work, all of which have influenced and deepened her own experience and relationship to touch. 


Nikki Ashley

5Rhythms teacher

Nikki Ashley is a 5Rhythms teacher and a facilitator for DancingTao CIC.

She has been dancing her passion for 5Rhythms for the last 10 years and has seen positive change in herself and others through this moving meditation practice.

Before training to teach 5Rhythms Nikki worked in theatre with youths & adults in a diverse range of settings from schools, mental health, the corporate floor to villages in rural remote areas of SE Asia. Some key organizations she has facilitated and delivered workshops for include; The National Theatre Education Dept., Cumberlow Therapeutic Community for Young Adults in Crisis, Barnes Social Services (Mental Health Department), Wildside Charity Summer Camp for City Youth and Special Needs, Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council, World Vision & The International Red Cross.

Through teaching the 5Rhythms she has worked with older people with Parkinson’s disease, over 60’s, women’s groups and open classes for every body. She is a mentor to dancers on the path to becoming teachers and she has a strong desire in all her work to encourage people to explore together their creativity, their energy, their problems, their aims, their joys - their human – beingness. To explore through movement, dance and a bit of fun how we can co-create together a world that feels more in balance.


Olivia Palmer

Olivia is a 5Rhythms teacher, born in London and living in Italy since 1986. She has studied dance since she was a child and for years been researching various movement and dance practices, studies on self-healing and personal growth and Celtic and Native American Shamanism. She dancing the 5Rhythms in 2006 and qualified as a teacher in 2014.


Olivia has created Conscious dance communities in many cities around Italy. She also teaches residential seminars in the Italian countryside and hosts other teachers from Italy and abroad in her classes and seminars around Italy.


Péter Fejér

Born and lived in Hungary, mainly Budapest. Youth group activist, youth worker, participant of dozens of international civil projects. 2001 MA in Philosophy of Aesthetics, BA in English Language Teaching, 2005 BA in Economics. Worked as school teacher, research administrator, startup founder, innovation and technology transfer consultant. 2011 receiving accreditation from Gabrielle Roth to teach 5Rhythms (waves level). Teaching 5Rhythms intensively ever since. Other fields of expertise: graphic design, photography, web design, music theory and practice. Languages: Hungarian, English, French



Raphael Adjani

Raphael is: an artist; director of performance and film; academic researcher; trainer of mindfulness meditation, stress relief, wellbeing and mental health recovery processes; as well as psychotherapist in training. Their studies include: University of the Arts London, Royal College of Art, Institute of Education, Breathworks, Institute of Group Analysis, and the School of Psychology of the University of East London. As a psychotherapist in training, and in their collaborations with Jane: Raphael has a particular interest in the significance of nurturing play and playfulness amongst adults; as well as working with people who are exploring gender fluidity and those who do not tick any boxes. As an academic researcher - formerly lecturing at Goldsmiths - on how, as humans, we come into being through dynamic relationships with all other phenomena in the universe: they are now creating a new film, as well as writing a playful pocket book on the theme that are accessible to any body.


Richard Wiltshire

Richard Wiltshire

5Rhythms teacher

Richard Wiltshire is a 5Rhythms teacher and long time tai-chi student.   The creative healing potential of both practices has always inspired and motivated him. However since 2009 when a serious chronic illness manifested his movement practice has become essential to his wellbeing, and he has found that he no longer lives to dance, but dances to live.

Richard brings a gentleness of spirit and healing energy to his classes.


Silvana Rigobon

My name, Silvana, means «of the Forest». I love trees, especially those with deep roots. Daughter of a bookbinder and a tailor, I am Italian and nomadic at heart. I am a Movement Medicine teacher and follow the code of ethics of the Movement Medicine Association. I also trained at the Red School. My main ongoing project, «Women who dance with the Wolves», is an invitation for women to re-connect with the wisdom of the rhythm of our body, through the archetype of the red thread and weaving. It started in 2012 in Italy, my land. Since then, this #REDvolutionary thread has travelled and intertwined, metaphorically and literally, the stories and roots of women from Lithuania, France, Belarus, Hungary, Switzerland, India, Turkey, Greece. Next stop: London. My other ongoing project is #dancingForCommuniTREE: I am fascinated by the possibility of creating bridges between #EngagedSocialMedia, #EmbodiedSocialMedia, conscious movement, sustainability, community and day-to-day life. I am the Social Media Coordinator for the School of Movement Medicine. And last but not least, I love chocolate.


Tamara Candiracci

Tamara Candiracci discovered the dance as tool of empowerment in Brazil in 2001 and she fell in love. Since then she has been dancing with several teachers and practices. She is a fully-qualified teacher of Movement Medicine and teaches a weekly class in Rome and workshops in several cities in Italy. She is also a nurse and systemic counselor and has been working in the human resources field with an humanitarian organization for the last ten years. In her teaching she brings together sensitivity, inclusion, sense of humor and her passion for life.



Virag Kiss

I’m an art facilitator, art therapist, teacher of visual communication (PhD degree) working as a professor assistant at the faculty of special needs education in ELTE University. In my job inclusion is in focus. I’m interested in the theoretical and methodological questions of „arts based methods". Before I was working many years with drop-outs and with disabled people. Dance experiences: 400 hours self-experience in (psychodynamical) movement and dance therapy groups (I’m just starting the training course); 4 years assistance in a dance therapy group with disabled people. Besides I do 5 Rhythm practice since 2-3 years.